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CTO of Operations / COO with Technical expertise - F/M
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Sparteo - Suite of Solutions for Web Publishers

Since 2016, Sparteo has been revolutionizing advertising technology. Our AI-powered solutions boost media value on websites.

Sparteo is skyrocketing in Europe :

FR 2nd fastest-growing French ad-tech startup and 32nd nationwide (Les Echos).

U 21st fastest-growing European ad & marketing startup and 359th overall (Financial Times).


Passionate, dedicated teams! We empower them to learn, excel, and drive Sparteo's success.

High-performance solutions: Actirise for display, FastCMP for consent management, Viously for video, and Voxeus for audio.

Discover our journey, products, and culture on our website !

Your Job

Your mission is to streamline and optimize Sparteo's operations, ensuring scalability and efficiency while fostering a culture that prioritizes employee well-being and professional growth. You will focus on eliminating low-value tasks, automating processes, and enabling each employee to concentrate on high-value activities. By treating Sparteo itself as a product, you will enhance operational efficiency and create an environment where employees can thrive.

To specify

  • Strategic Leadership and Operational Excellence
    • Ensure scalability and efficiency:
      • Define and drive the development and execution of plans that support the company's growth and scalability objectives.
      • Prioritize decisions by creating margin.
      • Lead a dedicated team of developers and product owners focused on operations.
      • Collaborate with the VP and executive team to align operational strategies with business goals.
      • Regularly report on operational performance and project status to the executive team.
    • Foster a collaborative environment:
      • Promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement across the organization.
      • Provide guidance and support to team members to enhance their skills.
      • Ensure teams are well-trained on new tools and technologies.
      • Maintain data accessibility and integrity for decision-making processes.
    • Implement technical innovation:
      • Stay abreast of emerging technologies and assess their potential impact on operations.
      • Drive the adoption of new technologies that enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Operational Efficiency and Automation
    • Conduct audits:
      • Supervise your team in identifying and eliminating low-value tasks and automating processes.
      • Lead assessments of current processes to pinpoint inefficiencies.
      • Present findings from audits and automation initiatives to the executive team, and propose actionable recommendations.
    • Implement automation:
      • Oversee the development and integration of bots by your team to handle routine operations.
      • Guide your team in automating workflows to streamline processes and reduce manual tasks.
      • Occasionally participate hands-on in the development and implementation of automation solutions.
    • Monitor systems:
      • Direct your team in designing and implementing comprehensive monitoring systems for performance tracking.
      • Ensure your team establishes alert systems for key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable prompt responses.

Your profile for this job
  • Be fascinated by new technologies and have a growth hacker mentality.
  • Proven experience as a CTO of VP engineering with a strong technical background and API-centric development experiences.
  • Experience with scaling operations, improving efficency and implementing automations.
  • Have the ability to rally people around innovative and disruptive projects and lead a team of developers.
  • Be fluent in English. French is a plus.

Your mind set to share our adventure
  • You want to make an impact and move things forward collectively. Does hearing phrases like "Yes, but we've been doing it this way for years..." make your hair stand on end? We feel the same way: progress is made by questioning what already exists.
  • You solve problems pragmatically and analytically.
  • You're looking for a fast-moving environment where your agility will be an asset. The 80-20 (Pareto) principle holds no secrets for you.
  • Your ability to listen encourages you to challenge and improve yourself on an ongoing basis.

Our working conditions
  • A convivial and flexible working environment, with our remote culture integrated into the company's organization.
  • A friendly and small-sized team that you can find in our offices near Lille or in Paris.
  • Social gatherings and company events organized throughout the year.
  • Sparteo is experiencing significant growth both in terms of business and workforce, especially internationally.
  • Additional benefits include an advantageous compensation system with non-taxable and non-mandatory overtime hours, as well as a Swile restaurant ticket card.

Ready to join Team Sparteo? Send us your CV and continue the recruitment process!

Here are the stages in our recruitment process
  • Discussions about your driving forces, your ambitions and our Sparteo mindset
  • Analytical and business logic tests
  • Meeting with Benjamin Sparteo's Chief of Strategy and Innovation Officer.
  • Meet the team in Tourcoing and disscuss with pears.
  • Taking up references

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CTO of Operations / COO with Technical expertise - F/M
il y a 18 jours
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