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Solution Architect (Europe)
Mistral AI
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We are looking for a Solution Architect focused on Customer Projects to foster deployment of LLM across industries and help us grow our top line. You will work closely with enterprises and startups on GenAI adoption: the most thrilling innovation projects that they are currently undertaking!

This job is a combo role of very in-depth tech hands-on needs and also requires customer facing capabilities. This is the opportunity for you to develop in both aspects.


- Provide technical guidance and best practices for prompting, fine-tuning, and deploying our models according to customer use cases.

- Regularly liaise with the product and technical teams to relay feedback and suggest improvements.

- Work closely with the infra, data science and product teams to deploy successfully tailored product and use cases with all our customers (in particular on-prem customers).

- Collaborate with the sales team to advance the sales pipeline, providing technical expertise and insights when necessary.

Ideal profile

- Degree in computer science, applied AI or applied mathematics or data science from a Top Engineering School

- 3+ years of experience as a machine learning or deep learning engineer

- Passion for AI, with a constant drive to stay updated and ahead of the curve.

- Strong skills in Python and software engineering- Experience in MLOps and deploying Machine Learning use cases at scale

- Strong communication skills with an ability to explain complex technical concepts in simple terms.

Nice to have:

- 2+ years of experience as a Customer Engineer, Forward Deployed Engineer, Sales Engineer, Solutions Architect

- Experience building LLM applications, RAG, or NLP products using Python (Langchain, LlamaIndex, SpaCy, etc.)

About The Team

At Mistral AI, we are a tight-knit, nimble team dedicated to bringing our cutting-edge AI technology to the world. Our mission is to make AI ubiquitous and open.

Our team values are reflected in our product values:

- Cool: We have a tongue-in-cheek way of looking at things, it's hard to describe but you know it when you see it

- Precision: Our designs mirror the rigor and excellence that underpin our technology, reflecting our commitment to quality and reliability

- Human-Centric: We strive to make our technology open, approachable, and accessible

- Captivating: Our designs reflect the magic of our technology and our playful, exploratory approach to innovation

- Ambitious: We push the boundaries of what is possible, reflecting our bold vision for the future
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Solution Architect (Europe)
Mistral AI
il y a 21 jours
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