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Post doc : Technologies & demonstration of photon entanglement distribution (F/H)
il y a 16 jours
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il y a 16 jours
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Acteur spatial mondialement reconnu dans les domaines des télécommunications, de la navigation, de l'observation de la terre, de l'exploration et de la réalisation d'infrastructures orbitales, Thales Alenia Space est une Joint-Venture entre les groupes Thales (67%) et Leonardo (33%).


You hold an experimental PhD in quantum optics or quantum communications. Preference will be given to applications from candidates with a recent PhD. Some acquaintance with engineering is a bonus.

Our daily working language is usually French, but the whole team is proficient in English and we will make the adaptation easy. Documentation is in English.

Hard skills
  • Experimental quantum optics, basics in networks/communications
  • Photonics and fiber optics
  • Design and test of optical solutions
  • General interest in space and space research
  • Research/publication record

Soft skills
  • Team work
  • Curiosity, creative critical mind
  • Ability to conduct research autonomously and take a helicopter view
  • Ability to synthesize: from the big picture to the necessary detail
  • Result-Oriented
  • Ability to gather and share relevant information

Thales Alenia Space is the European leader in space quantum communications. This results from a consistent and ambitious roadmap that has been unfolded for the past 6 years, leveraging the 20+ years track of the Thales Group in this field. The objective of our roadmap is to be able to deploy by 2030 operational/commercial quantum information networks including with long-distance satellite links, to contribute to a global quantum Internet. We are fully aware of the many challenges this entails, but we are organised to address them, and our policy is also successful in capturing funding of research

So as to contribute to this roadmap, we open a post-doc position in our quantum optics laboratory. The goal is to contribute to different European projects aimed at solving the many fundamental as well as technological locks on the path to satellite entanglement distribution.

The job is to be integrated in the Photonics research group, that works on space applications both on quantum and classical optical communication. Our background spans from fibre interconnects inside satellite payloads to free-space optical links, quantum key distribution and entanglement generation.

  • Understand the end-to-end at-stakes of a photon entanglement distribution network, and the various protocols it might support.
  • Understand the full stack of functions needed to be operated, and their basic physical mechanisms.
  • Design specific implementations of the core quantum functions as well as the auxiliary functions necessary to operate the core functions
  • Trade off different options and assess the most promising one in our experimental benches
  • Select, negotiate and accept the components needed to implement,
  • Assemble, tune, test and assess the designed solution
  • Document the different steps for a team use of the results.

Innovation, passion, ambition : rejoignez Thales et créez le monde de demain, dès aujourd'hui.
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Post doc : Technologies & demonstration of photon entanglement distribution (F/H)
il y a 16 jours
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